Submitting yourselves one to another in the fear of the God.

      Ephe. 5:21 (KJV)
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Becoming One
Sr Pastor Marcus D Gainey I
Pastor Alexandria M Gainey

Marriage: God's Idea

Great marriages don’t happen by chance; they require nurture and training. That’s why our passion and purpose is to equip marriages with the teaching and tools they need to succeed.

If you are desperate for change in your own marriage or simply desire to take your marriage to the next level of fulfillment and intimacy, we invite you to connect with As One Flesh

God has an amazing plan for your marriage, and at As One Flesh, we want to help you discover it, and live it to the fullest.

Marriage is Truly God’s idea.  Where there is anything that's designed, there is a designer.  Whether it's a TV, airplane, or even in a marriage, there is always a mastermind behind the masterpiece.  God, the mastermind of marriage, also has a plan for how marriage works best!  An invention cannot be made without an inventor.

If you've tried understanding marriage through the worldview, there's a better way.  With help you can tap into the design that God has for marriage, following his blueprints(The Holy Bible) we can show you how marriage is created out of divine order, is based on a covenant relationship, reflects our relationship with God and truly has a greater impact in our lives than many have assumed.

Hopefully, these realizations can help you to experience a greater sense of fulfillment and a lifelong perspective for your marriage relationship.

Marcus & Alexandria Gainey are the Pastors 
 MMI (MATRIX Ministries International)